$250 Senior/Disabled Deduction: If you qualify, this program allows the Tax Collector to deduct $250 from your total taxes. That is, you pay $250 less than the total billed amount of your taxes. There is an income requirement-NOT INCLUDING SOCIAL SECURITY YOUR HOUSEHOLD INCOME MUST BE LESS THAN $10,000 COMBINED.

$250 Veteran Deduction: If you or your spouse are/were a veteran, you may qualify for a $250 deduction on your taxes.

100% Disabled Veteran Exemption: If you or your spouse are/were a 100% disabled veteran, you may qualify for an exemption on your taxes.

The Property Tax Reimbursement Program: If you qualify, this program sets a base rate for your taxes. That amount is set based on the year you apply and the State reimburses you any increase in your taxes from your base year. Although it is commonly called the “Senior Freeze Program”, this program does not freeze the taxes. All taxes must be paid as billed and the following year the State of New Jersey will refund any tax increase to you through an application process.  Once a resident is enrolled in the program, the State of New Jersey will automatically send the application every year. The application is commonly referred to as the “Blue Booklet”. First time applicants may get an application at the Tax Office, the Office on Aging, or the State of New Jersey (1-800-882-6597). Please note: For those persons already enrolled in the program, remember to have the taxes paid verification form filled out by the Tax Collector’s Office and sent along with the application.

The Homestead Rebate/Benefit: This program is administered by the State of New Jersey. The State of New Jersey automatically sends qualified applicants an application in the mail. For more information regarding this program, you may call the State of New Jersey at 1-888-238-1233.

Reminder: The Homestead Rebate and Property Tax Reimbursement Programs are separate programs and separate applications must be filed every year for each program. Benefits available under these programs may be affected by State budgetary constraints.

Contact your local tax office for more information on these property tax reflief programs or to see if you qualify.